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21st February 2017

Deepali Vichare
- Bride -

A shy girl with Smart look. Who is expert in emotional blackmail. Studied MSC in Chemistry. From Gadhinglaj city.

Prathmesh Patil
- groom -

Dashing, handsome and good looking boy. Owner of Expert in Designing, Photography.

That was a winter morning, snow was falling around the park. We found one another on a bench. We meet, we get. Time passed and we realized that we can’t live without one another. And the great day come.

our loveline

08:25 am

The day we met

05 June 2016

Our school get-to-gether function held at Pune city. It was cool evening having joy with my school buddies. She sat at corner with serious mood.

10:00 am

First Date

24 July 2016

After long request she is agreed to have coffee. We meet at DYP, Kolhapur. Having meal at Mac-D with fun and joy.

11:35 am

Our proposal

14 Aug 2016

We can't say it was a proposal but we are trying to get attached with each other. Having day-night chats, calls. We moved towards a strong bonding and we decide to discuss marriage plan with families

11:35 am

our first family meet

13 September 2016

And this was day when our family meets each other. And finally they agree for our marriage.

event & location

21st February 2017

We invite you to our wedding as we take the next big step of relationship and commit ourselves in a marvellous wedding. We would appreciate your presence and blessings wholeheartedly.

Reception Ceremony

Aanandkash Wedding Hall
Shingnapur, Kolhapur
Sunday, 26 February 2017
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wedding Ceremony

Dhanaji Vichare
Hanmantwadi, Gadhinglaj
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
12:25 PM - 2:00 PM

Invitation to all

friends & family

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Photography by Priyanka Bansod

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